Why get a Flower Share?

Flowers are mystical and vital treasures of nature that remind us to smile and appreciate the beauty of life. Bringing fresh, local, chemical-free flowers into your home or office is a sure-fire way to brighten your day and inspire a connection to nature. Additionally, supporting local agriculture is an environmentally friendly way to boost your local economy and create community! At Small Feat Farm, we grow dozens of flower varieties and forage grasses and branches to create unique, colorful bouquets for you to enjoy all summer long! Weekly bouquets can be conveniently picked up in Portland, Gray, or at your office building!


2019 Flower Share Details


A Flower Farm Share will include a weekly bouquet of seasonal, colorful, beautifully arranged flowers from July through October. Bouquets are valued at $15 and are the perfect size for a delightful centerpiece or table-top decoration. Members will receive a weekly newsletter with information about the farm, exclusive and early bird opportunities for farm-to-table events at the farm, and poetic musings about flowers from Joanna.

There are FOUR Options for Flower Farm Shares this year: (All options can be purchased directly on this site, or you can write and send a check/cash to Small Feat Farm)

1) Flower Farm Share: $180. This can be paid in-full or in two $90 installments due before July 1st. These members will receive a bouquet every week from July through October.

2) Half Flower Farm Share: $100. This option will run the length of the season from July through October, but these members will receive a bouquet every other week.

3) Half-Season Flower Farm Share #1: $100. Members who choose this option will receive bouquets for 8 consecutive weeks from the beginning of July through the end of August.

4) Half-Season Flower Farm Share #2: $100. Members who choose this option will receive bouquets for 8 consecutive weeks from the end of August through mid-October.

There will be two pick-up days per week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. Members can either pick up at the farm (120 Whitney Rd. Gray, ME) or at the following locations in Portland (***UPDATE: THURSDAY PICK-UP IS FULL):

Tuesday: Salvage BBQ - 919 Congress Street

Thursday: Rising Tide Brewery - 103 Fox Street ****THURSDAY PICK-UP IS FULL***

Businesses that purchase a farm share and cannot pick up the weekly bouquets in Portland can have their weekly bouquets delivered for a one-time $50 fee. This can be directly coordinated with Joanna. Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to individual households.

If 5 or more members are located at the same place of work, bouquets can be delivered directly to the members free of charge. Please contact us through the Contact page if this is something you’d like to coordinate with your office mates!

See our FAQ section at the bottom of the page for more detailed information.


Support Local Farmers

One of the best ways to support local farms is to participate in a Farm Share program (also called Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA). These programs provide a guaranteed income for the farm and give community members the opportunity to have a stake in the agricultural economy. How it works: community members purchase a “share” of the farm before the growing season begins. This allows the farmer to purchase materials for the year and pay wages for early-season work. Then, when the growing season is in full swing, farm share members get a “return” on their investment by receiving a weekly bounty from the farm. Traditionally, this is in the form of a variety of vegetables and herbs to supplement the members’ grocery needs. Recently, flower farm shares have become popular and bring the beauty of nature into the home.

Flower Farm Share FAQ

When does the Farm Share start? We aim to have bouquets ready to go at the beginning of July. That being said, farming can be an unpredictable venture, so we appreciate your understanding if the farm share is delayed a week or two. Any delays will be communicated through our weekly newsletter.

What can I expect from a Flower Farm Share? Bouquets will range in size and variety throughout the season based on availability of particular flowers. The average size of the bouquets will value about $15 and fill a mason jar or medium vase nicely. You can expect anywhere between 5 and 15 varieties of flowers in each bouquet. In the early months, prolific flowers are bachelor buttons, poppies, calendula, catmint, ferns, and grasses. Mid-season is bursting with zinnias, rudbeckia, cerinthe, cleome, and statice. Late in the season, you can expect an abundance of dahlias, sunflowers, chinese forget-me-not, nigella, and amaranth! Plus many more herbs, foraged greens, and additional flowers!

How does pick-up work? You will have the opportunity to express your preferences for pick-up day (Tuesday or Thursday) and location (Portland or Gray) when you sign up for a share. Your day and location will be confirmed with you before the season begins. A newsletter will go out every Monday reminding you to pick up your share for the week. Shares will be labeled and visible at each pick-up location; you simply have to show up, grab your bouquet, and cross your name off a list. We recommend bringing a jar or vase with water to transport your flowers home! If 5 or more people from your place of work purchase shares, your bouquets will be delivered directly to you on a designated day of the week.

Can I split a Farm Share? Absolutely! If you want to split the cost of a farm share and/or enjoy bouquets between two households, by all means do it! You are responsible for arranging the split of payment but please let us know who the two members are so we can keep all parties up to date. You are also responsible for how the farm share is split; you may choose to switch off weekly, monthly, or any other way you desire!

What happens if I miss a week? If you know you are going to be out of town or unavailable to pick up your bouquet on a particular week we ask you to either 1) Let us know ahead of time so we avoid harvesting flowers that will go to waste; or 2) You can ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your bouquet and enjoy in your absence. If you miss one by accident (life happens!), it’s no big deal! We will donate the bouquet to our partners who host our pick-up locations.

If I miss a week, do I get reimbursed? Unfortunately, no. When you purchase a farm share, you are effectively investing a lump sum into the business and receiving a return in the form of flowers. This is to say you are not paying for flowers in advance. For this reason, we cannot reimburse for any individual weeks missed.

If I miss a week, am I able to “double up” on bouquets the following week? With the scale of our operation, we are unable to guarantee our ability to double up for any missed weeks. However, if you communicate your needs ahead of time, we may be able to make an arrangement depending on the availability of flowers. Additionally, if you are ever in need of more flowers (for a special party or occasion, for example), please let us know so we can provide bulk flowers or custom arrangements to suit your needs!

What if I want to terminate my Farm Share? If you are unhappy with the bouquets, move out of town, or need to terminate your participation in the Flower Farm Share for whatever reason, we ask for at least a two week notice. We would be sad to see you go! In most cases, a refund will NOT be allowed (please see question about reimbursement). You may choose to ask a friend or neighbor to take over your share and how you split the payment would be up to you.

What is the best way to contact Small Feat Farm with further questions, comments, or concerns? There are many ways to contact us - all are equally efficient and welcomed: 1) The contact page on this website; 2) Phone (text or call): 208-861-3161; 3) Email: smallfeatfarm@gmail.com; or 4) Find us on social media @smallfeatfarm.