Small Feat Farm is a half-acre farm in its third year of production in Gray, Maine. Our mission is to provide fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers to members of our community, while practicing organic growing methods and engaging socially with our CSA members. We love sharing our passion for the Earth with all who visit the farm, and are always seeking to deepen our understanding of the farmer-land-community relationship.

We will be greatly expanding our flower production this year! Our hope is to provide medium-size bouquets to Flower CSA members (separate from Vegetable CSA members) for 15 weeks over the summer. If you're interested in either a Veggie or Flower CSA, keep your eye on our CSA Info and Payment pages!

The Farmers and the Farm

Brian Rhodes-Devey and Joanna Kraft met in Puyallup, WA while apprenticing on a 40-acre organic farm. It only took them a few weeks to fall in love with the beautiful crops, satisfying lifestyle, and each other. With their shared passion for diversified farming, they slowly made their way across the country: first apprenticing on a farm in Whitefish, MT, then moving to Portland, ME, where they currently reside.

In the fall of 2015, while looking for a wedding venue, Brian and Joanna happened upon Caswell Farm, owned by Catherine Caswell. Nestled into the lush woods of Gray, equipped with a rustic barn and Ford tractor, it was not only the perfect place for our wedding - but also the perfect spot for a farm! After a few excited conversations, Brian, Joanna, and Catherine agreed to open business as Small Feat Farm in 2016.


With about 20 Vegetable CSA members and wholesale accounts to a few local restaurants, the first two years have been a success! We like to say there are constantly enough challenges to test our will, but enough triumphs to make us want to do it again! Farming is the most gratifying and honest way we know how to live, and we are excited to expand deeper into this lifestyle as we continue to grow and learn.

Thank you for your interest and support!